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    Ray Glickman

    Ray Glickman is a CEO, board director, conference presenter, social media commentator and author.
    Ray has a background and Master’s degrees in philosophy, psychology, business and social work.
    His first novel ‘Reality’, published by Fremantle Press in 2014, is a darkly entertaining thriller that explores what personal responsibility means in the modern world.

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    Six people have been chosen at random. Without their knowledge, Kathy, Mario, Garry, Hannah, Robert and Julia are about to participate in the ultimate game of manipulation.

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    ‘… Glickman crafts an ensemble of varied and distinct characters for his lucky six, but his greatest trick is making the reader complicit in the Master Plan of his narrator — while you know full well that this expert manipulator is a high-functioning sociopath you ought to loathe, you’ll be just as keen as he is to see how his plan pans out.’
    – Scoop Magazine