If only I had time to lie twisting by the pool like Caryl who sent me this photo!

I’m glad to say I am making real progress with my Fremantle Press editor on my next book about the meaning of friendship in the modern world. She has given me really useful feedback and advice about how to make this book into something great. It is more complex than Reality but, fear not, it is ‘darkly entertaining’!

I’ve also been putting the finishing touches to my workshop, ‘Writing From Left Field’, which I’m road-testing down in Margaret River in a couple of weeks.

This workshop is designed to help a would-be writer become a will-be writer. While I wouldn’t presume to tell other people how to become a good writer, I’ve designed this workshop to draw upon the psychology of the brain and the personality strengths of the individual to take on and stick to the task of writing a book.

Will let you know how both ventures go.