Thanks to everyone for buying a copy of frenzship.

Frenzship by Ray GlickmanI’m getting great feedback about it, so thanks for that too!

The most important thing for me now to help the ‘campaign’ is to get book reviews on the most significant websites.

This process can appear a bit daunting so I’ve put together this simple ‘how to’ guide below.

If you could take a couple of minutes to rate and potentially briefly review the book, I’d really appreciate it.


Goodreads at – click on the rating stars under the book’s cover image:

Then login or create an account, scroll down to my activity and click on “Add a review”:

For Amazon: Visit your Amazon account, search for frenzship by Ray Glickman, scroll down to the reviews and click on “Write a customer review”:

That’s all there is to it. What will you get in return? A warm satisfying glow that you have made an author feel good inside… and possibly an angel will get its wings, a fairy will fly or a unicorn will be born… okay, probably not the last three, but definitely the first.

Oh, and if you felt there is something not quite right with the book, then of course suggest it, but above all, be kind and constructive. Karma will thank you. As will the author.