As I pass my time in the new and scary world of frenzship’s psychosocial media, I get to thinking about new ways of doing things. How do we make a connection?
Nearly everyone I meet in what was once called the real world, says I hear your new book is out. Some laggards haven’t bought it yet and ask me how they can get it.
For my first book, Reality, I used to give people a business card. Terribly old school. In the world of psychosocial media, that just won’t cut it. But how to give these ready buyers the info they need to find and buy the book?
And then it came to me! In my world, frenzship is as much a person as you or me. So frenzship should have its own contact. Once it’s got its own contact in your phone, you can customise the contact heading URLs to send people direct to where they can buy a hard copy or ebook. You can navigate them to your home page.
Cool, huh? And you can just airdrop how to buy your book to people with an iPhone. I suppose in the world of psychosocial media, you could airbomb innocent bystanders with your book details?
Oops. This is getting even too weird for me. Maybe psychosocial media is dangerous after all?